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Established in 2016, DELICIOUSMARKET operates B2C specialty brands for ‘delicious’ spices, seasonings, condiments and sauces in Korea, which grow more than 300% every year. It not only has Korean seasoning that is easy to store, but also has a seasoning recipe that is widely used around the world. We are developing and branding various products that are the key points of Korean food that are loved all over the world. We try to make it simple use and reliable. Also we are so much care about eco-friendly product and package. Our product captivated the market with products that are delicious and lightweigth for single-use, and is exposed to famous Youtubers and various media channels several times without sponsorship in Korea.
  • 2016.8
  • 2017.1
    Lauched brand of spice and seasoning called 'DELICIOUSMARKET'
    Concluded OEM agreement with Mockhwa Co.
    Topped the spice category on Naver
  • 2018
    Lauched 15 flavor of blending salts
    Topped the spice category on Cupang
  • 2019
    Awarded Outstanding Company from Start-up Nurture Center
    Launched one-time use package seasonings
    Launched DELICIOUSMARKET signature sauces (hot&sweet dipping sauce)
  • 2020
    Confirmed Venture Company
    Confirmed Technology Capability Excellent Enterprise
    Awarded SMEs and Startups for young entrepreneurship
    Topped the sauce category on Cupang
  • 2021
    disposable PKG sold more than half a million
    Launched Local Seasonings (Cheongju seasoning, Jeju seasoning, Boen seasoning)
  • 2022
    Joined the Korea food tech Association
    R&D eco friendly pkg and recipe of vegan seasoning
    Proceed with the certification of ISO, Vegan and Eco-friendly
Item & Service
Sweet&spicy dipping sauce / Hot&spicy dipping sauce
It is a spicy dipping sauce that determines the taste of Korea’s representative food culture, and it goes well with most fried food as well as chicken.
It is made based on tomato paste, red pepper paste, red pepper powder, starch syrup, vinegar, pepper, etc. and delights us with a taste that stimulates the five senses, such as a little(or very) spicy and sweet.
Local seasonings
Seasoning using high quality local raw materials in Korea is made in powder form, making it easy to use and store.

1) Cheongju ssamjang seasoning (spicy meat dipping sauce)
Ssamjang is mostly in the form of paste, and It uses soybean paste as the main ingredient of Korea’s representative fermented food, has a unique fermentation scent. However, ssamjang seasoning is easy for anyone to enjoy because it reduces its unique fermentation odor and is easy to use by pulverizing the main ingredients. It is a mixed seasoning that can easily add the taste of Korean food rather than paste, and it is characterized by a spicy, savory, and sweet taste using soybean paste powder, red pepper powder, and garlic. Representative foods that go well together include pork belly and bulgogi.

img  2) Jeju bada seasoning (jeju mandarin seafood seasoning)
It is mixed with various herbs, salt and dried mandarin peel from Jeju. It has a fruity delicious scent. It is use for remove odors and add flavor to dishes that need to catch the fishy taste such as seafood and fish. It is salty and slightly sour, especially fits with grilled fish.

img  3) Boeun insam seasoning (ginseng with bean powder seasoning)
It is made with bean powder and ginseng powder. It can be used as a convenient meal substitute with milk. Use ginseng powder grown directly from proven farms. It has savory taste and a bitter scent and taste of ginseng. The name of Insam means ginseng in Korean.




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